Why write this? Why read this?


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  1. Matt G Says:

    I really enjoy reading the reviews on the website – they are very informative. As a budding chef (I am only 15) I noticed that you have staged at two top European restaurants, which is something that I would like to do at restaurants within the UK. How exactly did you go about doing this?


    • felixhirsch Says:

      I guess the easiest is to go for a meal and let them know that you are interested. Of course they’ll appreciate if you can tell them what fascinates you about it. Good luck for it!

  2. leonieg Says:

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that your blog is a really interesting read and like you I am a big foodie (although unlike you I have not worked with some of the best chefs!) As someone who seems passionate about food, you might want to have a look at Gekko (http://gekko.com) which I tend to use to find the best restaurants that suit my preferences as the website matches your personal tastes to the most suitable restaurants in your area. I hope it all goes well for you.


    nice webblog ,you schould plan a trip to hong kong
    nice city and a lot of restaurants to explore

    bo innovation,is a must

    greats Benoit

    • felixhirsch Says:

      Thanks Benoit,

      I don’t know if I will manage to do that in the next few years, but who knows…

      Would be interested to try a 3* Chinese place.


  4. sven Says:

    First of all, I really like to read your restaurant reviews!
    I would like to invite you to have dinner with me at Pierre Gagnaire in december or januari. His game menu is brilliant, his Lievre a Royal is a true classic…
    Just email me. greetz sven

  5. Simon Statman Says:


    It was a pleasure to meet you and Andrew on friday at the Sportman. I must say it was our first visit there and did not disappoint one bit, particularly the scallops. It was also great to hear you hold Chriatian Bau and Vendome in such regard (though I could tell that from your recent posts).

    Anyway have a good week and keep in touch.


    • felixhirsch Says:


      it was nice. It’s especially nice to meet people of more or less my age, who are into their food!
      You’ll see that both Bau and and Vendome are some of the most interesting, and best restaurants around at the moment.
      HAve fun on your trip there!

      Hope to see you soon then,


  6. Olivier Says:

    Felix I am really impressed by this blog and your passion for good cuisine…

    see you soon

  7. Laissez Fare Says:

    Just came across your blog (can’t believe I haven’t before). I’ve only begun going through it, but it looks great & very informative. Will be checking back regularly!

    Best regards,


  8. Nancy Says:

    Hi there. I’m a great fan of your blog. I have read all of your posts. In March, I traveled to London on holiday and had some wonderful dinners — especially The Square, The Ledbury and The Harwood Arms. In June, I am returning to London and want to repeat these experiences. I will be there for 4 dinners. I have reserved at The Harwood Arms for Sunday night as well as Tuesday night (since I as curious about « quiz night »). On this trip, I also want to repeat The Square and The Ledbury and have the full tasting menus (with perhaps some additions and a selection of wines). I would love your advice as to which night to book for each — I have Saturday night and Monday night available. It would be my preference to dine at each venue when the head chef is at his restaurant. I would be grateful for your counsel. Best, Nancy

    • felixhirsch Says:

      Hi Nancy,

      Thanks for the kind words. Glad you liked the restaurants. I can’t say for sure when the chefs will be there, but I know that Brett Graham (ledbury) is pretty much there all the time. I think Phil Howard is also trying to be there as much as possible, but I’d suggest you call the restaurants and ask them. That way you’re sure that they’re in and will have a magnificent experience!
      Looks like you’ll have a great trip. Enjoy it.

  9. Anne's Kitchen Says:

    Hey Felix,

    a fellow Luxembourg expat living in London and blogging about food?! Very cool! I’m more taking the food styling/photography route with my blog, but am eating out a hell of a lot in London too. Very nice blog you have here, I shall be following your culinary adventures from now on!


  10. budisfoodblog Says:

    Hello Felix,

    I really enjoy your foodblog and I try to keep it on reading every day.

    The next time, when you’re in Germany, you should try H..Wohlfahrt’s Schwarzwaldstube in Baiersbronn.

    I’m sure you’ve heard about the restaurant…

    On my blog, you can have a look at some of the famous restaurants in Germany I’ve visited:

    I really would like to know, why you didn’t visit Wohlfahrt, when you’ve been in Germany. Travelling reasons or personal?
    At the moment I’m looking forward to visit Bau and I’m sure that your reviews on Schlossberg motivated me to visit Christian Bau!

    • felixhirsch Says:


      I know that Wohlfahrt is seen as one of the best in Germany, although that is a perception of things, which is only held by Germans. The reasons for not visiting the restaurant are: A number of very knowledgeable diners had some less exciting meals there, it is in the middle of nowhere and doesn’t do anything really original. He cooks French classics, which I can eat in Paris in a number of places on a higher level and in a much nicer room.

      Don’t take it negatively, but so far I haven’t been motivated to travel all the way there, just to visit it.

  11. Jan Says:

    Suprised to find your blog on the webside of In de Wulf, as i just made a reservation for lunch coming friday.
    It must be pretty tuff for a studenst-budget to be able to go and eat at all those restaurants as they are not cheap.
    Did you know that a group of toprestaurants in Flanders have a special -30 years menu to attract the young clients.
    Me and my friend love to go to nice rstaurants and that is also one of our top-hobbies.
    One of our favouritts in Flanders is « La Durée » in Izegem (Belgium)and Le vieux Puit in Fonjoncouse( near Narbonne South-west France)
    I will continue following your blog. It is interesting to readthe experience of a student in top-retsurants. Big surprise is The Sportsman in Kent. Tried already 3 times, but always full.

  12. felixhirsch Says:

    hi Jan,

    Thanks for reading the blog. It is indeed rather difficult to go to these places, but I live with the minimum for most of the time, to go and have an amazing meal every now and then.
    In de Wulf is great, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. I will also go back, in a few weeks, which I am already looking forward to a lot!

    Concerning your tips, I will have a look at them, and might try them. As for the cheaper menu, the same exists in Germany, where the Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe organise something similar (check out the website!).

    Continued good eating, maybe we meet one day in some restaurant.

    P.S.: the Sportsman is a must go! One of my 5 favourite restaurants in the world.

  13. baobabs Says:

    I’m dating a chef and he and his chef friends read your blog, so he sent it along to me. Thanks for sharing all this valuable information, it’s very informative and I look forward to reading more. Have you tried Yam’tcha in Paris?

  14. Riesling1 Says:

    Hi Felix,
    really like your reviews and pictures. Is there a reason why you have not been to l’Ambroise yet? Just curious!
    It is on my list and I have read very mixed reviews about it so I would be interested in your opinon. Will post mine on tripadvisor.

    For a weekend in London later this year I have « The Ledburys » and « Gavroche » on my list. Really looking forward to all these experiences.

    Hope to read more of yours soon

  15. Sven (The Belgian taste Buds) Says:

    Hi Felixhirsch, nice blog here!

    I added your blog to The Belgian Taste Buds blog roll: http://www.belgiantastebuds.com/?page_id=118 .

    feel free to add http://www.belgianstastebuds.com to yours as well ;)!

    best regards,


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