Wine dinner in Luxembourg

We were four having dinner at my house recently in Luxembourg. It was a good summer day, the sun was out and we were ready to start our meal, which was accompanied by 9 bottles of very quaffable wines. Here are some pictures of the wines and food we had. Needless to say, it was a very joyful evening!

Blue lobster claws, Ossietra Caviar, cauliflower

Roast blue lobster, aubergine caviar and confit, spicy jus

Poached foie gras, pickled cabbage, pan-fried cabbage, Japanese vinaigrette

Anjou pigeon, artichokes

Braised oxtail, sweet onions


6 Réponses to “Wine dinner in Luxembourg”

  1. Vic Says:

    Lovely, and which bottle did you drink with each dish? Also, did you roast the lobster from raw/live?

    • felixhirsch Says:

      Oh, it was ;))

      The lobster was just boiled for about 1min, then I made a sauce with the head, and cooked it in the oven (with the shell on).

      We started with foie gras and the Egon Muller combined with a bottle of Raoul Lemaire Champagne (100% Pinot Meunier, probably from the 70s or so).
      Then we moved to the Vaudesir for the caviar and lobster dish, which was a stunning pairing.

      For the haricot coco veloute with roasted eel (not pictured) we had the Picrate. Less good as a pairing, the wine being too dry.

      Following that for the roast lobster tail, we drank the Corton, which was still incredibly closed and tight. Needs a couple more years of cellaring.

      Then for the foie we opened the 47 Sauternes. For meat we had the Pommard.

  2. Vic Says:

    The pigeon with Pommard sounds inspired as Rhones & Syrahs pairings seem the most common I’ve come across. Was it rich enough to carry the oxtail? I am now very tempted to try 🙂 Although the oxtail I made over the weekend was braised in stout, so I didn’t dare pair it with any wine :-/

    I can imagine a rich grand cru Chablis with the lobster & caviar (wow) but not tried a Vaudésir before. Thanks for sharing! It’s such a pleasure to see and read your blog, and knowing that you enjoy your food and/with wine, perhaps you could share some thoughts on pairing for these dishes:

    1. A starter, seared partridge breast, salad leaves, pear, gorgonzola with perhaps a honey vinaigrette… it’s probably a couple of ingredients too many but I’m starting to compile ideas for Autumn and Christmas. Would a Vouvray demi sec work?

    2. A 2nd course, pigeon with chestnuts… maybe the breast on toast with confit legs and pickled chestnuts or the meat in ravioli with a chestnut veloute… I’m at a lost to which French or Old World wine to match the gamey bird & sweetish chestnuts… Merlot??

  3. felixhirsch Says:

    Hi Vic,

    Thanks for the feedback. The Pommard pairing was indeed not the usual, but since this was the last bottle we had in the cellar we decided to just give it a go. whilst it might not have been the perfect pairing, it certainly wasn’t bad at all. The other option was an old Barolo, which would have been more fitting I suppose.

    The pairing with the Vaudesir was indeed a stunning one, one of the best of my life, as the combawa which was used to marinate the claws in had very similar nuances as the wine.

    As regards to your question, I am no sommelier and have started getting into wine (obsessively) only a couple of years ago. But, I would say that the starter would probably work quite well with the slightly richer Vouvray. Other possibilities might be a good Riesling Spätlese or something in that style.

    The second course is something that I might like to try with a Rhone wine, or something from Piemonte. But if you were to do the ravioli with the veloute, a complex white (think of a Chassagne Montrachet or so) would be a great partner I’d think.

    Hope that helps.

  4. Vic Says:

    Hi, thanks very much. Great that you mentioned Barolo and again Piedmont, my favourite Italian wine region – fantastic food wines. That was a good reminder to try a nebbiolo for the pigeon & chestnuts. But I also like your idea of a Chassagne Montrachet for the ravioli & veloute variation. It didn’t cross my mind to try a white before and now you have planted a seed 🙂

    By the way, have you tried the only bottle of Luxembourg wine from Waitrose? It’s a Pinot Blanc. I’m thinking it may be interesting with a selection of cheese from the Savoie, given how difficult it is to find those Alpine wines here on the high street.

  5. felixhirsch Says:

    No problem at all. I think both of those kind of wines might work.

    Yes that might work. I haven’t tried that wine, but they are not bad at all my father tells me. If you ever find Abi Duhr (Chateau Pauque) wines, try those. They are far better than anything else from Luxembourg, and can be of similar levels as the best white Burgs or Rieslings.

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