Home cooking, spring

Here are a few pictures of dishes I’ve cooked over the last few weeks. Spring is after the colder part of the year my favourite season of the year, as you have a bunch of tasty stuff coming during it.

First up, simple oysters, marinated in a Japanese vinaigrette, served with a pea soup. We drank a fantastic 1996 Macon Chaintre from Valette with this.

Also served on that day was a roasted lobster tail, with a vanilla jus and morels, roasted in butter (infused with the stems, garlic and a few dried morels). It was simply, but I really enjoyed it. With this we drank a V.O. from Selosse, which was stunning, to say the least.

Here the wine, which I absolutely adore.

Before the afore-pictured lobster, the dinner started with an asparagus soup, asparagus and lobster mitts, cooked in orange oil. It was tasty, simple and just the kind of food I enjoy. Wine-wise, a white ’04 Chateau Fonsalette was a more than worthy partner for this starter.

The main was a take on Gert’s outrageously good ox tail, morel and potato dish. I braised the ox tail with a fair amount of wine, and other good things for  a night, pulled it off the bone, and prepared a compote with it. A very buttery potato puree, and a few pan-fried morels on top, and a glass of ’59 Smith Haut Lafite made this a match made in heaven!

Here a pic of the wines of the night:

After going to China in a week’s time, I’ll  be back in Luxembourg, where a lot of good wines, and great summery products will await me: Lobsters from Brittany, langoustines, maybe a few decent tomatoes,…


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